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  • January 2023: Multiple Windows 11 specific file information classes are now processed in Alfa File System Filters and several Windows 10/11 specific enhancements and additions have been made.
  • April 2020: Multiple Windows 10 specific file information classes are now processed in Alfa File System Filters.
  • July 2018: Alfa Device bLocker (AlfaDL) is now available for production use. Please contact us for a demo, information and ordering.
  • June 2018: Several minor adjustments and tweaks on Alfa File System Filters and Alfa Registry Protector have been made for complete Windows 10 support and compatibility (most of which is related to digital signatures).
  • September 2017: Registry Protector now supports callbacks for certain operations.
  • July 2017: Added option for customers to change FltCreateFile access flags, to work around some anti-virus filters as a last interop resort.
  • June 2016: Helper DLLs that mitigate some end user interoperability with ATE Encryption are available as a separate product for ATE users.
  • Registry Protector can be ordered directly from our Online Shop.
  • June 2014: Many minor changes were implemented for the cipherview encryption.
  • 2013 plans: Develop a cipherview provider for encryption. Finished.
  • July 4th 2013: Current version is 2012.3.26.1877.
  • August 2012: Rule Set redesigns and some additional features finished.
  • August 2012: Device Blocking product in the works.
  • Registry Protector will now be available in a bundle with AFP only.
  • April 2012: Major change in the works. AFP/ATE entries will be replaced with Rules and Rule Sets. Rule Sets will also be used to determine AFM logging options, i.e. file and process name filters will be added.
  • April 2012: Current version of Alfa File System Filtesr: 2012.3.17.1726
  • Feb 2012: Current version of Alfa File System Filters: 2012.3.17.1695
  • Feb 2012: DrvCrypt.dll/sys are not integrated directly into AlfaFF.dll/sys
  • Feb 2012: Plans to include device blocking features as part of Alfa File Protector are underway
  • Feb 2011: Major revision of the Alfa Driver Crypto engine (engine used by the Alfa File Encryptor).
  • Feb 2011: Several minor feature additions to the Alfa File System Filters.
  • Feb 2011: A major revision of the Alfa File System Filters in the works.
  • DOS path names (using drive letters) can now be converted to GUID names via AlfaFF_GetGUIDForDosName API.
  • Alfa Transparent File Encryptor supports file headers on NTFS now. This provides more usage scenarios for ATE.
  • Alfa Registry Protector toolkit is now available for both x86 and x64 platforms. For more information contact our sales department.
  • The installation can now automatically install the 64-bit driver.
  • Vista64 driver is now digitally signed. Customers can install the default driver on Vista64 without issues now.

Alfa Corporation provides file encryption and file protection products as well as custom programming and consulting services in file system development for Windows platforms. We specialize in file system filter driver development, such as file audit, security and privacy.


Our products provide programmers with:

  • NEW: Device Blocking driver is in the works! Alfa Device Block will provide fine tuned access control for all system devices.
  • On the fly file encryption (OTFE). Alfa Transparent File Encryptor provides strong security for file data. It works on a per-file basis and does not use in-file headers, but headers in ADS streams. No decryption data is recorded or written to the disk (only files, in encrypted form). Data is decrypted only when in memory, and never on the disk. The process is seamless to both users and applications.
  • File system activity monitoring down to the finest details. Alfa File Monitor is used in software with purposes ranging from disk cataloging to complex document indexing systems.
  • File protection and security on any file system and platform and extend that of the NTFS and Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/2008/7 platform. Alfa File Protector not only secures files, but also truly hides them. This file protection component is used in many (DRM) Digital Rights Management solutions, desktop/laptop/enterprise file security and even internal application data storage security.

Custom Programming and Consulting Services

We are ready to meet your needs for a file system or file system filtering solution, and help you decide the best way to achieve your goals. Feel free to contact our sales and we'll be happy to give you a custom programming quote and discuss a solution with you.
Already have programmers working on a particular solution, and need consulting services only? We provide high-quality services, at an affordable price.

Our engineers have worked in fields of local file systems, SAN (Storage Area Network) file systems, DRM (Distributed Rights Management) solutions, in-house file security and confidentiality, document tracking, privacy and other related fields.

Our public products are very customizable, and can serve as a startup solution for your own product. Consider the option of using our source code as basis for your own solution - and optionally, let our experts help you.



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